Feather In Next Education

The domain concentrates on career guidance for children of 10th grade and / or 12th grade.

The symposium basically acts as a pipe-line between the Course, Demand and Employable skill considering the individual’s passion and background. We bring expertise into the hands of the needy through this vista.

The expertise includes the standard career options viz., Medicine, Engineering, Law, Teaching, Auditing.

The ITES,VIScom,VFX,SFX and many career options defined by the growth of technology are also part of this module. Handling the stress of job and tasting the fruit of wisdom will be discussed by HRM of leading firms and consultancies.

The program will have representives from leading educational institutions around the globe.

Accomplishment:Every participant would feel a feather in his/her life is certain if his/her CHOICE blends with dedication and craftsmanship.