Health Education And Living

With many Governments round the Globe, Academia and NGO's singling out sugar-sweetened beverages as a leading driver of obesity, we continue to note that while obesity is a serious and complex global health problem, there is widespread consensus that weight gain is primarily the result of an imbalance of energy—specifically too many calories consumed versus expended. In addition, people consume many different foods and beverages, so no one single food or beverage alone is responsible for people being overweight or obese.

We strive to create awareness on balanced diet with a practical approach to suit students under 18. Inculcating such an approach periodically and at an early stage of life would necessarily promote “Healthy Mind in Healthy Body”.

This program is an in-house training for the teaching community and hence forth infuse the learned content to the children every odd day in their classroom. A Minimum of three sessions would be organized across the academic year.