Made Easy Math for Everyone

'Maths is so important in modern day life, particularly with the continued  advancements of technology, and young people really need to continue learning basic mathematics after 16 to be able to compete in the future job market.  'We are living in a world where technology and numeracy is becoming more and more important so giving young people the opportunity to continue studying basic maths skills for just a few hours a week, without having to commit to A Level courses, seems an intrinsically sensible thing to do as a country- Professor Steve Sparks, chairman of the government's special advisory on mathematics education,UK.

We Provide SIMPLIFIED Math Basics in this Module

Mathematical thinking is important for all members of a modern society as a habit of mind for its use in the workplace, business and finance; and for personal decision-making. Mathematics is fundamental to national prosperity in providing tools for understanding science, engineering, technology and economics. It is essential in public decision-making and for participation in the knowledge economy. Mathematics equips pupils with uniquely powerful ways to describe, analyze and change the world.

Mathematics is beautiful, develops the mind, underpins the study of other subjects, is a necessary component of many jobs, is necessary to be a successful citizen; it is historically of great significance; and, finally, it is unique amongst human intellectual development.